These Russian Dolls were created back in 2003 by SoCal artist Saiman Chow for the Wurst Gallery in L.A. The idea was that the gallery sent out a bunch of blank Matryoshka Dolls to a number of prominent artists, asking them to come up with their own design to exhibit in the gallery. Somewhat shockingly this set is still on sale today for the princely sum of $300.

An interview with the artist about the dolls:

what’s the idea behind your dolls?
shapes and patterns

red vines or twizzlers?

what contemporary artists are you inspired by?
my cat, that foo can jump like jackie chan

last piece of art acquired?
my friend Robotec got me this hulk gloves for my birthday, It make this weird noise when you punch something with it. But I think is broken.

tell the audience what movie/book/album/website/tv show/magazine you love that most people haven’t seen/read/heard?
I ‘m a pretty main stream guy. My choice of tv, books, magazine and movies are boring and dry. Except sometimes I ‘ll sit at the corner of the room and count how many hairs I have on my arm.

how did you get to where you are now?
I just try to fit in.

favorite place in your town?
place where I can find parking.

favorite place in the world?
place where I can find parking.

i would not be an artist if it were not for _________ ?
not knowing how to do anything else.

These one-off pieces of art (you get 5 in all) are available here