Colleen Baran is exhibiting at the Object(s) of Longing display at Toronto’s Harbourfront Centre at the moment, and I’ve tracked down her exceptionally beautifully crafted and rare specimens for sale. She is a jewellery designer of no little talent whose objects possess a soft yet mischievious melancholy – for instance, some of her rings are imprinted with bold declarations of love in an ink that gradually fades to resemble the dead wings of a moth, or butterfly.

She is currently selling some of her rings on Etsy, the one pictured above as well as these two pictured underneath retail at a cool $300 each (worth every cent)

The accompanying text follows:

I wanted to make rings that were like love letters. Cloudy white plastic layered with black text creates the, largely hidden, story of the flush of love. They are like wearing a dream or a memory of a thought.

As in life, the most intimate thoughts are hidden within the layers with text. They were designed to be worn by a couple- each the expression of their sweethearts love.

“I want to be your wife always” and “I’ve loved you since the moment I met you”, (December, 2006) by Colleen Baran
From the ‘Like Wearing a Love Letter’ Series

Materials & Techniques:::
Milky Lexan Paper, ink and thread; Hand-fabricated, sewn. Rings are conceptual but nonetheless wearable.

Buy them here while you still can.