These iron-on transfers for clothes are a curious spin-off from Petra Eichler and Susanne Kessler’s Sounds of Silence exhibition. The exhibition, a series of displays, events and artworks, commenced in October 2005 and is still ongoing (the duo just recently put out a call for volunteers to tape their eyes and mouth over…no seriously). The transfers are fashioned into the likeness of the original display, a “light and sound collage” presented as a white, mystical forest.

As the exhibition website says:

“Our sound 01 forest motives are now available made of flock material, so you can iron them on your shirt.
Thus your old t-Shirt gets new charm and small holes or marks disappear. ”

Pics of the Exhibish:

and some more of the transfers:

The transfers are available here for €19.95, and if they interest you enough, you could also buy the “Sounds of Silence” catalogue when it is released. Slated to cost €28, keep an eye out here.