The final, and best (not to mention most expensive) bag featured today belongs to the Queen of Britart. WhiteCube Gallery in Hoxton Sq has its hands a very limited number of these exceptional, individual designs.

A bona-fide artwork, this was made by Emin in conjunction with Longchamp of Paris. As the gallery says:

Her unique world of intimacy and poetic avant-garde, combined with love and travel, have produced the story of an ‘International Woman’, travelling from one city to another, in search of an ‘international love’ with an ‘international man’.
Only 200 copies of this bag were made. They all carry a rosette with an Emin hand drawn Longchamp logo and a handwritten name of a street, city, or hotel which reminds her of a moment of love. Each rosette is therefore an original, signed by the artist.

Not suprisingly, such wondrous stuff carries a hefty price tag. £1830 in this instance, available here at White Cube Editions, if you’re lucky enough to have that sort of dosh lying around.