Viktor Shklovsky said the purpose of art was to “make the stone stony” while Carlos Williams urged that poetry “reconcile the people with the stones”. Myung-Ok Han, a Korean artist working in Paris, uses the energy of the rock in her art, her stones arranged as deliberately as a stone circle or Gaelic burial site.

Now a major retrospective of her work is available as a monograph entitled ‘Myung-Ok Han or The Objectification of a Poetics’, with an analytic accompanying text by André Depraz.

Han’s work is pre-occupied with creation & the passing of time, in one piece her stones are placed alongside yarn, a Korean symbol of childbirth, that has been fashioned into the likeness of sand. Another features rocks wrapped in yarn as if in a cocoon, as if pregnant with possibility or yearning to break free of some bond.

She says of her work:

“When I set to work, I think of nothing, I can see nothing, I have an acute perception of movement, noises and even silences. While observing everything, I gradually let myself go”

The monograph is 56 pages long, with a dual English/French text. The price is €10 and available here, ships worldwide.