This book by seminal Japanese photographer Narahara is presently on sale at Galerie 213 in Paris. The publication records an historic time in Japan, as the country found itself inbetween a discredited Imperialism and the corporate tiger that would follow. As a relatively early work, Narahara’s obsession with European avant-garde photography is obvious, while a nascent interest in marginal communities is also visible, with both the disenfranchised and the cutting edge of Tokyo society recorded.

Most interesting perhaps are his pictures showing how Japan was interpreting and reinventing the Western culture that was infiltrating the nation. The cover photo, for instance, depicts a shop-window mannequin showing off a typically English or American outfit, yet the image of the dress is obscured by the reflection of a rather drab, downcast Japanese man, himself in western garb.

This monograph costs £66 and is available here, shipping not included.