Craig Atkinson’s limited edition run of sketch books is just about sold out at Cafe Royal bookstore near Liverpool, but there are still a few of these one-of-a-kind books available. Each book is a unique record of sketches focusing on the household, featuring TVs, Polaroid cameras, garages, games consoles amongst other things. The paraphenalia of domesticity is lovingly rendered, yet tinged with a comical irony that subtly distorts and estranges familiar objects. The detailing on the electrical appliances for instance, dates the items as slightly retro in our streamlined age, and due to the fine relief of graphite these details stand out vividly. That which once made an item cutting edge now historices not only the item but our relationship with it.

As Atkinson says of the run, “I work in each book before they’re sold, so each is unique and contains original stuff. The drawings were made in 2004-2005. My collection of Spanish Serviettes is featured as are my drawings of electrical and desirable goods. I guess if the book’s about anything it’s about the stupid place we call home. ”

One of these special, little sketchbooks will set you back £10, available here while they still have copies left.