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The release of this rare, collectible laptop bag has been timed to coincide with the Japanese tour for Beck’s latest album The Information. The bag is a limited edition luggage concept designed by Beck and French artist Genevieve Gauckler (who has also designed the album sleeve for Beck’s album). The bags come with a 150 page sketchel book featuring images from around 180 global artists.

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These iron-on transfers for clothes are a curious spin-off from Petra Eichler and Susanne Kessler’s Sounds of Silence exhibition. The exhibition, a series of displays, events and artworks, commenced in October 2005 and is still ongoing (the duo just recently put out a call for volunteers to tape their eyes and mouth over…no seriously). The transfers are fashioned into the likeness of the original display, a “light and sound collage” presented as a white, mystical forest.

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SEXY! SHOCK! CRISIS! I first chanced upon this jacket at a special preview at Colette in Paris back in October. This tabloid-inspired coat was designed by avant-garde fashionista Jeremy Scott in collaboration with Italian site It was released for full sale in mid-December and is now available for £265 after being halved in price. Better be quick to snap this one up.


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