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Tord Boontje’s line of lights for Unica Home are currently selling fast at the store and this is one of the stand-outs. These wonderful chandeliers speak of once lush foliage now crisp with the cold autumnal air, turned golden brown in the sun or to flakes of silver in the snow. The light emanting from within briefly touches the elaborate brocade and dusts the patterns with wintery light. The tones of earth, rust, barley and wheat are expressed by the choice of materials, grounding the frail designs with permanence and instilling a sense of perennial fall. A Hanging Gardens of Babylon curated with the colours of New England.

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This paper-like, tulip-leaved locket of love belies its rather strange origin. Though it looks soft and silky, the necklace is actually made from Hytrel, an industrial byproduct usually discarded in the process of manufacturing something else entirely. Studio 1a.m., left-field design group from Chicago, have embraced these emitted shavings and used their completely random and unique shapes to make a stunningly simple and sculptural necklace.

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Colleen Baran is exhibiting at the Object(s) of Longing display at Toronto’s Harbourfront Centre at the moment, and I’ve tracked down her exceptionally beautifully crafted and rare specimens for sale. She is a jewellery designer of no little talent whose objects possess a soft yet mischievious melancholy – for instance, some of her rings are imprinted with bold declarations of love in an ink that gradually fades to resemble the dead wings of a moth, or butterfly.

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